Software Testing Masterclass with Michael Bolton

EuroSTAR Conferences, with the support of ISA Software Skillnet, Irish Software Innovation Network and SoftTest, were delighted to bring you a half-day software testing masterclass with Michael Bolton In this session, Michael Bolton (who has extensive experience as a tester, as a programmer, and as a project manager) explained the role of skilled software testers, and why you might not want to think of testing as “quality assurance”. He present … Read more

Evaluating Testing: The Qualitative Way

Evaluating Testing: The Qualitative Way | Michael Bolton | STAREAST

For years, testers and managers alike have wrestled with the problem of evaluating software products and testing efforts, often using approaches derived from manufacturing, construction, and physical sciences. These approaches have been only partially successful because software products aren’t physical products. Rather, software is part of a complex web of relationships among programs, computing equipment, networks, and, most importantly, people.

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The Difference Between Experience and Experiments | Michael Bolton | STAREAST

The Difference Between Experience and Experiments with Michael Bolton presented by STAREAST presented by Techwell Happenings.

In this video from the STAREAST 2009 Interactive Lounge, Michael Bolton takes a look at two subjects–a 17th century debate over the air pump and the difference between experience and experiments–and how they relate to the software testing of today and tomorrow.