Evaluating Testing: The Qualitative Way

Evaluating Testing: The Qualitative Way | Michael Bolton | STAREAST

For years, testers and managers alike have wrestled with the problem of evaluating software products and testing efforts, often using approaches derived from manufacturing, construction, and physical sciences. These approaches have been only partially successful because software products aren’t physical products. Rather, software is part of a complex web of relationships among programs, computing equipment, networks, and, most importantly, people.

Michael Bolton explains how he uses interdisciplinary and exploratory methods to make sense of both the products we test and testing itself. He explains how anthropology, which describes cultures and artifacts, can guide our testing; how investigative journalism can show us how to build a compelling testing story; and how sociology can help us understand how people interact with their tools. Move beyond the old ways of thinking and evaluating to more qualitative, social science-based approaches. Take back new insights to help you and your team improve your testing work, develop a coherent and powerful testing story, and help your stakeholders make better project decisions.

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