More Bugs at QAForums

Since my January 24 post, I’ve discovered three bugs in UltimateBB. (Well, maybe. Rapid Testing holds two definitions of “bug”: a) “anything that threatens the value of the product” and b) “anything that bugs somebody who matters”. Under definition (a), these qualify as bugs. I reckon I don’t really matter, so under (b), maybe they don’t qualify as bugs. But I digress.) 1) After entering a message (in the arbitrarily … Read more

I love a good bug on a QA site.

I get perverse joy in finding bugs on testing and QA-related sites. Here’s one from QAForums. Apparently none of the 106,000 members has noticed the bug, or if they’ve reported it, nothing’s been done. Note that, not only is the “grand_total Quality Assurance Links” tag unknown, but the word “unknown” is spelled wrong.

Bag It!

Tonight I went to a local, large, spruced-up grocery store that’s part of the a large Canadian grocery store chain called “Dominion”. (Update, 2011:  Dominion is no more; it’s now part of a consolidated chain called “Metro”.)  The store is a short drive away, but it is open 24 hours, which is dead handy when you have an infant in the house. There’s a great selection of products, mostly at reasonable … Read more

What Would You Like Me to Do?

I was trying to squeeze my car into a space that was too small, next to the curb, a couple of weeks back. I was trying to avoid blocking the driveway in front of me. As I backed up, the bumper of my car touched (and I mean touched) the bumper of a Jeep Cherokee behind me. He had lots of space behind him, and was taking up much more … Read more