What is Software Testing? A Conversation with Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton, software testing consultant and trainer at DevelopSense, chats with TechWell Community Manager Owen Gotimer about what software testing is, the responsibility testers can and should accept, and the importance of communication in software development.

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Breaking the Test Case Addiction (Part 8)

Throughout this series, we’ve been looking at an an alternative to artifact-based approaches to performing and accounting for testing: an activity-based approach. Frieda, my coaching client, and I had been discussing how to manage testing without dependence on formalized, scripted, procedural test cases. Part of any approach to making work accountable is communication between a manager or test lead and the person who had done the work. In session-based test … Read more

The Secret Life of Automation

The Web is abuzz with talk about “automated testing” and “test automation”. Automation comes with a tasty and digestible story: eliminate “manual testing”, and replace messy, complex humanity with reliable, fast, efficient robots! Yet there are many secrets hidden between the lines of the story.

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