A while ago, someone pointed out that Development and Operations should work together in order to fulfill the needs and goals of the business, and lo, the DevOps movement was born. On the face of it, that sounds pretty good… except when I wonder: how screwed up must things have got for that to sound like a radical, novel, innovative idea?

Once or twice, I’ve noticed people referring to DevTestOps, which seemed to be a somewhat desperate rearguard attempt to make sure that Testing doesn’t get forgotten in the quest to fulfill the needs and goals of the business. And today—not for the first time— I noticed a reference to DevSecOps, apparently suggesting that Security is another discipline that should also be working with other groups in order to fulfill the needs and goals of the business.

Wow! This is great! Soon everyone who is employed by a business will be working together to fulfill the needs and goals of the business! Excelsior!

So, in an attempt to advance this ground-breaking, forward-thinking, transformative concept, I hereby announce the founding of a new movement:


Expect a number of conferences and LinkedIn groups about it real soon now, along with much discussion about how to shift it left and automate it.

(How about we all decide from the get-go that we’re all working together, collaboratively, using tools appropriately, supporting each other to fulfill the needs and goals of the business? How about we make that our default assumption?)

9 replies to “Dev*Ops”

  1. How about just “Ops”.

    Michael replies: Yes. Or “company” (which comes from “companions”, “people with whom we share bread”).

  2. Yes Yes Yes. We have something exposed as a wrinkle when in fact is a big anomaly. The seniority of a developer is defined also on how he/she handles builds/deploy/config/…. Then is enough just close collaboration with sysadmin and that’s it. I see a sad thing now: because we have the so called devops actually the devs are letting away a part of their seniority because they have an excuse named “devops”.

    DevSecOps , God another non sense. Security again is a  branch which takes part in defining the seniority of a developer. Sys admin seniority is defined also by their security knowledge among many other things.

    I hope I will not see a TestOps …

    Great blog post.

    I share it on linked in I hope more people will see the post and be enlightened.

  3. I think DevOps does go further than simply Dev and Ops ‘working together’. In a well-functioning DevOps team there is no separation. Devs do Ops work and Ops do Dev work.

    Obviously, there are specialists but everyone is expected to do parts of everything.

    Also, after all the hard work to make Test a core part of the Dev team, why would we want to specifically separate it in DevTestOps?

    Michael replies: Fair enough… but after the hard work make Dev and Ops work together, why would we want to separate them by referring to DevOps?

  4. I’ve met many people who would be surprised that they should do something to fulfill the needs and goals of the business. In their case, DevWhateverOps may be, if fact, a step forward. At least they can realize that there is some business out there.

    Michael replies: If people who are paid by a business don’t realize that they’re being paid to fulfill the needs and goals of the business, I’m not convinced that calling what they do “DevOps” will be sufficient to wake them up.

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