More Fun With Misspeling

Apropos of my post from the other day and the inconsistency with image oracle heuristic, have a look here. InteractiveServiceDetection

I actually encountered this dialog myself several years ago. As one person commenting on the blog post reports, this security message from Windows has a typo in it (“form”, where it should be “from”), which has the ironic effect of making a security warning look even more like malware than it already does.

Thanks to Thomas Vaniotis, whose tweet pointed me to the blog post.

2 replies to “More Fun With Misspeling”

  1. There is the trivial typo, which can easily be tested running any speller (MS Word) on the Locale files.
    (Though not too many do that – most “prefer” to waste time writing and managing typo bugs testers just happen to encounter – one at a time (or just miss them all together))
    And there are such bugs which speller might miss, as its a legal word out of context – these are harder to find – and require human to spot them.

    @halperinko – Kobi Halperin

  2. Interesting that the eye/brain does not truly see that, unless pointed out as you did here.

    As long as we have context and a 1st & last letter we forgive a lot. I personally think that this is why I can’t always read txt speak. “Txt” works – “L8r” and “gr8” don’t.


    Michael replies: Yes. It’s crucial to note that humans can repair this kind of stuff immediately, and often without even noticing it. Machines can’t do that, since they’re unaware of context, have not social agency, and (sorry folks) have no intelligence other than what we carelessly and inaccurately ascribe to them. Read Harry Collins and Martin Kusch!


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