Are Testers Still Needed on Agile Projects?

Apparently. Please don’t misunderstand. I love the principles in the Agile Manifesto (including Robert Martin’s proposal for the fifth, “Craftsmanship over crap.”) I have great enthusiasm and respect for those who have advocated the role of testing in Agile projects. But in order to push these ideas forward, let’s make sure to test our stuff, to make sure that it doesn’t accidentally bring discredit to the ideas.

What Should A Test Plan Contain?

In response to this posting, Clive asks, “So in your opinion what should a test plan contain?” First, Clive, thank you for asking. Let’s consider first what we might mean by “plan”. The way James Bach and I talk about planning (and the way we teach it the Rapid Software Testing course) is that a plan is the sum or intersection of strategy and logistics. Strategy is the set of … Read more