I’m at STARWest — wanna talk about testing?

I’m going to be at the STARWest conference on the evening of Wednesday, October 24 through the morning of Friday, October 26. On Thursday morning, I’ll be presenting a talk on Emotions and Test Oracles, an expansion of a lightning talk that I gave at STAR East in May.

Alas, my colleague James Bach is unable to be there. His subject, “How to Fake a Test Project” will be covered by our buddy Jonathan Kohl, who’ll do a splendid job. I’m looking forward to that.

I’m also intrigued by Brenda Lee’s “Session-Based Exploratory Testing–With A Twist” talk (a brief description of which can be found here). Postscript: It was a wonderful experience report, and all thanks to Brenda for presenting it.

I want to help to preserve another tradition that James started. Every morning at 7:00am, before the keynotes, we get together with a small number of conference attendees in the lobby of the hotel or in some likely breakfast nook, and we run through some testing puzzles, games, exercises, and/or Q & A. If you’d like to meet me on Thursday or Friday morning, please drop me a line and we’ll figure out where to meet.

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