Exploratory Testing: Building the Skill

I spent the last couple of days of January and the first few days of February attending two workshops hosted by Cem Kaner and James Bach in Melbourne, Florida.

The first was the Exploratory Testing Research Summit, attended by

James Bach
Jonathan Bach
Scott Barber
Michael Bolton
Elisabeth Hendrickson
Cem Kaner
Mike Kelly
Jonathan Kohl
James Lyndsay
Robert Sabourin

As I expected, it was a very rich and useful discussion. The mandate was to begin building a community of expert exploratory testers; to bring up consensus and differences about what exploratory testing is and how to do it better; to exchange models and teaching exercises; and to begin to figure out ways of building the reputation of exploratory testing as a central skill of our profession.

Each person above is someone that I consider to be a key figure in the E.T. community. The thing that they have in common: the work of each is valuable, interesting, and distinctive. For now, check out their Web sites; in the next little while, I’ll be posting bits and pieces of an experience report.

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