Rapid Software Testing Focused: Strategy with Michael Bolton

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Date: May 9, 2023

Michael Bolton will be presenting Rapid Software Testing Focused: Risk and Rapid Software Testing Focused: Strategy 

and talking about The Secret Life of Automation at the SIGIST conference in Stockholm.

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Rapid Software Testing Focused: Strategy

Countless thousands of people create test cases and perform testing on products in the software industry. Yet few of us, when challenged, can concisely and compellingly explain why we chose to do these tests instead of those tests. This leads to testing that is wasteful, unagile, and disrespected. Good test strategy solves that problem.

Strategy is a heuristic, not a document. Strategy in general is the set of ideas that guide your designs, your choices, and your actions. Test strategy is the set of ideas that guide our choices about what testing to do and how to do it. Knowing how to construct, explain, and critique a test strategy is the gateway to credibility as a tester.

This seminar focuses on strategy as it relates to testing generally, and to how strategy fits within the Rapid Software Testing methodology. We look at strategy from a social and general systems perspective. Although we won’t focus on risk analysis in this class, we will look at how risk maps to strategy and to test activities.