Rapid Software Testing Managed — Live and In Person!

Date: Oct 27, 2023

Excellent testing is an open investigation by skilled technical people. Excellent test management requires you to center on the people who do testing—their skills, behavior, and relationship to the rest of the development process. This class will help you to be a better test manager.

Some approaches to testing require rigorous scripts and procedures to be established in advance of any test execution. Management then centres on the artifacts of testing instead of the activity. Rapid Software Testing rejects this approach, because it’s bad for business: outmoded, expensive, ineffective, and missing the point. You need to find problems before it’s too late.

Rapid Software Testing Managed (RSTM) will help you and your team to focus on business risk. Rapid Software Testing methodology is designed to adapt to your particular context. That requires managers who understand testing. This class teaches managers how to create a supportive environment and culture for better software testing.

For more information on the class, including goals, main topics, who should take the class, and how the class compares to other Rapid Software Testing classes, please visit here.

Bring a laptop that connects to the Internet for research and for exercises.

This class is being organized by NINE and Qualibrate.  For detailed information about location and pricing, and to register for the class, please visit here.