Best Bug… or Bugs?

And now for the immodest part of the EuroSTAR 2009 Test Lab report:  I won the Best Bug award, although it’s not clear to me which bug got the nod, since I reported several fairly major problems.  I tested OpenEMR.  For me, one candidate for the most serious problem would have been a consistent pattern of inconsistency in input handling and error checking.  I observed over a dozen instances of … Read more

Comment on a Not-So-Good Article on Exploratory Testing

An article from a while back on StickyMinds entitled How To Choose Between Scripted and Exploratory Testing refers to a bunch of factors in making choices between scripted testing and exploratory testing. The problems start early: “As a test manager or engineer, you may be considering whether or not to use exploratory testing on your next project.” If you’re not planning on investigating any problems that you find, I suppose … Read more

A Tester Asks About Checking

In a previous comment, Sunjeet asks Does not testing encompass checking? Can testing alone be efficient without doing any checking? As I hope I made it clear in Elements of Testing and Checking, the development and analysis of checks is surrounded by plenty of testing activity, and testing may include a good deal of checking. Testing, I think, can be vastly more efficient if we consider the ways in which … Read more