A Testopsy: Learning from Performance

What’s the difference between Rapid Software Testing (RST) and other forms of testing? In RST, the process model is not the centre of testing; neither is formal documentation; nor are tools. All of those things play a role in testing, of course, but they’re not at the centre. In RST, the centre of testing is the skill set and the mindset of the individual tester, and heuristics that testers apply. … Read more

Breaking the Test Case Addiction (Part 12)

In previous posts in this series, I made a claim about the audience for a test report: They almost certainly don’t want to know about when the testing is going to be done (although they might think they do). It’s true that managers frequently ask testers when the testing will be done. That’s a hard question to answer, but maybe not for reasons that you—or they—might have considered. By definition, … Read more

Breaking the Test Case Addiction (Part 11)

In the previous post in this series, I made these claims about the audience for test reports: It’s far more likely that they want an answer to these questions: What is the actual status of the product? Are there problems that threaten the value of the product? How do you—the tester—know? Do these problems threaten the on-time, successful completion of our work? In this post, I’ll address the first two … Read more