Three Conferences of Note

A strong, active, local testing community is a wonderful thing. Kitchener-Waterloo, a hub of software and software-related companies small and large, has such a community, and an active association in the KWSQA. Each year, the KWSQA presents the Targeting Quality conference, which I’ve had the pleasure of participating in for a few years. Alas, this year I can’t make it—but maybe you can. This year’s presenters and workshop leaders are … Read more

I Might Be Wrong (But Not For Me)

Jerry Weinberg tells a story (yes, it’s me; I’m telling yet another Jerry Weinberg story) of meeting an old friend who looked distraught. “What’s the matter?” Jerry asked. The fellow replied, “Well, I’m kind of shellshocked. My wife just left me.” “Was that a surprise?” “Yes, it really was,” the fellow said. “I mean, we had had some problems, but I thought they were all settled.” Jerry paused for a … Read more