Framing Test Framing

Rikard Edgren is a testing philosopher in Sweden. He independently develops his own ideas on testing (an example here), collaborates with his colleagues on The Test Eye, and critiques and builds on the work of other people in the community. He offered a comment to my recent post on test framing, and the comment deserves a post on its own. He said, I don’t think explicit framing is needed very … Read more

Exploratory Testing is All Around You

I regularly converse with people who say they want to introduce exploratory testing in their organization. They say that up until now, they’ve only used a scripted approach. I reply that exploratory testing is already going on all the time at your organization.  It’s just that no one notices, perhaps because they call it “review”, or “designing scripts”, or “getting ready to test”, or “investigating a bug”, or “working around … Read more

I’ve Been Framed!

Last week in the Netherlands, I presented a workshop on test framing, a skill that James Bach and I like to talk about. Test framing is the set of logical connections that structure, inform, and motivate a test. Testing is a process of composing, editing, narrating, and justifying a story with three parallel threads. There is a product element—the part of the story that describes product, how it works, how … Read more