EuroSTAR Trip Report, Part 3

In the last posting, I remarked on some of the people with whom I chatted with at EuroSTAR, and whom I’m seeing as emerging leaders in a community of skilled testers. Here are a few more. Lynn McKee (Twitter: @lynn_mckee on Twitter) gave an inspiring and very well-attended talk on how to instill passion in testers—and in how to respect and defend the passion that’s there. Lynn walks her talk; … Read more

EuroSTAR Trip Report, Part 2

In this post, I’ll highlight a few more of the people that I met at EuroSTAR 2010. Please note that because there were so many people that I’d like to mention, there’s still more to come in subsequent posts. Also, I’ve included tons of links to these people and their work. Please use those links! Shmuel Gershon (@sgershon on Twitter) was in the Test Lab a lot, only one of … Read more

EuroSTAR Trip Report, Part 1

Way way back in 2003, Bret Pettichord first published a paper on schools of software testing. The paper was controversial. Some people found it helpful to identify different schools of thought, for the purpose of understanding ways in which reasonable people might disagree reasonably.  Others found even the mention of disagreements within the field to be distasteful and divisive.  Some people identified with particular schools. Others, sometimes indignantly, refused to … Read more