Exploratory Testing IS Accountable

In this blog post, my colleague James Bach talks about logging and its importance in support of exploratory testing. Logging takes care of one part of the accountability angle, and in an approach like session-based test management (developed by James and his brother Jon), the test notes and the debrief take care of another part of it. Logging records what happened from the perspective of the test system. Good logging … Read more

Disposable Time

In our Rapid Testing class, James Bach and I like to talk about an underappreciated tester resource: disposable time. Disposable time is the time that you can afford to waste without getting into trouble. Now, we want to be careful about what we mean by “waste”, here. It’s not that you want to waste the time. You probably want to spend it wisely. It’s just that you won’t suffer harm … Read more

Defect Detection Efficiency: An Evaluation of a Research Study

Over the last several months, B.J. Rollison has been delivering presentations and writing articles and blog posts in which he cites a paper Defect Detection Efficiency: Test Case Based vs. Exploratory Testing [DDE2007], by Juha Itkonen, Mika V. Mäntylä and Casper Lassenius (First International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement, pp. 61-70; the paper can be found here). I appreciate the authors’ intentions in examining the efficiency of exploratory … Read more