How Can A Trainee Improve His (Her) Skills

A blogger on TestRepublic asks “How can a trainee improve his/her skill sets in testing?” This is what I do. I recommend it to all trainees (or “freshers”, as they say in India). Find something that interests you, or something that would be useful to you or to a client, or something that you must do, or a problem that you need to solve, or something that you think might … Read more

Getting Them To Do The Work

In the Agile-Testing list, Kevin Lawrence says “I share in the fantasy that my business people will write tests and am jealous of those who have turned fantasy into reality but, alas, I have not shared that experience.“ Wanting business people to write tests, to me, feels like a cook wanting the restaurant’s patrons to sauté their own mushrooms. Dear Madam Business Person, I don’t want to stop you writing … Read more

Quality: Not Merely The Absence Of Bugs

“Quality is value to some person.” —Jerry Weinberg In the agile-testing mailing list, Steven Gordon says “The reality is that meeting the actual needs of the market beats quality (which is why we observe so many low quality systems surviving in the wild). Get over it. Just focus on how to attain the most quality we can while still delivering fast enough to discover, evolve and implement the right requirements … Read more