Evolving Understanding About Exploratory Testing

(This post from the past was a stepping stone on the way to our current thinking about exploratory testing which is that it’s… testing. This post remains here as a historical artifact.) One of the highlights of CAST 2008 was Cem Kaner‘s talk “The Value of Checklists and the Danger of Scripts: What Legal Training Suggests for Testers.”A big part of the talk was the contrast between exploratory and scripted … Read more

Rapid Software Testing in Minneapolis

After a long summer of travelling, cottaging, teaching, learning, speaking, listening, and reading, it’s back to the blogosphere. There’s much, much more to come—but first, an announcement. There will be a rare open-to-the public presentation of Rapid Software Testing in Minneapolis, MN, sponsored by (and to the benefit of) the Twin Cities Quality Assurance Association. The course will be presented October 7 through 9, 2008. I’ll also be speaking at … Read more