If a test passes in a forest, and no one sees it…

Pradeep Soundararajan is a colleague of me and of James Bach. Pradeep would say he’s a student, but in this case the student has surpassed this teacher. Pradeep writes and tests and thinks with passion. In a recent blog post, he came up with this gem: “…it is not a test that finds a bug but it is a human that finds a bug and a test plays a role … Read more

The Most Useful Metrics

A correspondent on LinkedIn asked recently, “What are the useful metrics for software quality?” Here’s my answer (lightly edited for the blog). Update, September 20: Whoops! Thanks to Anonymous, I notice that I’ve mistranscribed the original question, which was “What are the useful metrics for code quality?” Measurement is “the empirical, objective assignment of numbers, according to a rule derived from a model or theory, to attributes of objects or … Read more