Do You Need More Testers? A Context-Driven Exercise

A discussion started recently in about industry best practice: When creating a complicated web based application from scratch, how many testers per developer would be considered a best practice? I have heard 1.5 testers for every developer. What are your thoughts on this? My (lightly-edited for this blog) response was… If you want to find all the bugs, 100 testers per programmer would be much better than 1.5 testers … Read more

The Big Questions of Testing

There’s a perception (mine) that one of the biggest questions in testing is “did this test pass or fail?” However, that big question pales in significance to a much more important question, in my view: Is there a problem here? And that is what this lovely little conversation between James Bach and Mike Kelly is all about.

So how do we solve the scripting problem?

Again, in the unlikely event that you read my blog before you read James‘ blog. One of James’ correspondents, who sometimes goes by the name “Ben Simo”, is a very sharp fellow, as evinced by some of his posts on the software-testing mailing list. In response to our conversation about scripted test procedures, Ben asked a question that I think is important. How do we teach script writers to lock … Read more

A Conversation About Scripted Test Procedures

James scooped me! In the unlikely event that you read my blog before you read his, I’m proud to present this conversation ( between him and me, which about the nature of scripted test procedures and some of the dangerous assumptions that people make about them. The chat is about one hour long. It’s only slightly marred by a phone line with a little echo. As James suggests, before you … Read more