Keep ’em together

Today I found a very strange remark in an article called “Best Practices for Outsourcing Software Testing and Development“. The question from the interview is “What are some of the mistakes that companies commonly make when outsourcing software testing?” Sashi Reddi, CEO of AppLabs Technology, a Philadelphia-based company that specializes in software testing and development with an emphasis on quality assurance, says: The biggest mistake is that many times companies … Read more

Heuristic Approaches Everywhere

Recently I went to parent-teacher night at my 10-year-old stepson’s school. Above the door to his classroom is a list of heuristics for solving problems that I think is just dandy for testers. They’re not called heuristics there, but that’s what they are. Use logical reasoning Work backwards Make a picture or diagram Use or look for a pattern Make it simpler Guess and check Use or make a table … Read more

A Rapid Testing Experience

If you’re not already member of the Software Testing group on Yahoo, I’d recommend joining it; it’s where some of my favourite context-driven testers hang out. Better yet, join the group and contribute. The frequency of postings is relatively low, but the level of discourse is quite high. Today–November 5, 2006–there’s a wonderful thing: an experience report from Pradeep Soundararajan, a tester in India that James Bach has been coaching … Read more