Get to know Mike Kelly

I have no good explanation for why, until today, I hadn’t added Mike Kelly to the list of people that I respect. Fixed. Mike is President of the Association for Software Testing, a terrific, articulate, and (*ahem!*) regular blogger. He’s one of the small-but-growing group of passionate advocates for real tester skill. He’s engaged with the creation of Open Certification for Software Testers, which even I might be able to … Read more

Regression Testing, part 2

Continuing Grig Gheorghiu’s questions from the Agile Testing mailing list… I was just curious to know how you proceed in this case. I guess you teach your team to apply the rapid testing principles and techniques. Have you found that these principles/techniques are easily understood and applied? Are you using session-based testing? Have you still noticed regressions escaping out in the field? How many people do you usually have on … Read more

Regression Testing, part I

More traffic from the Agile Testing mailing list; Grig Gheorghiu is a programmer in Los Angeles who has some thoughtful observations and questions. I’m well aware of the flame wars that are going on between the ‘automate everything’ camp and the ‘rapid testing’ camp. I was hoping you can give some practical, concrete, non-sweeping-generalization-based examples of how your testing strategy looks like for a medium to large project that needs … Read more