On August 5, 2005, James Bach posted in his blog a really interesting piece on intermittent problems. It’s, as usual, thoughtful and well-considered. You can read it at It’s a little agonizing to think that an intermittent problem might depend upon achieving a certain threshold value in some variable which might be difficult to reach. One form of intermittent problem might require hundreds of thousands of preceding transactions. This … Read more

Investigation vs. Confirmation

Over the last little while, I’ve been corresponding fairly frequently on the Agile Testing mailing list. You can find it yourself at It’s a stimulating, but sometimes frustrating forum. The Agile movement itself (and its most prominent sect, eXtreme Programming, or XP) seem heavily oriented towards developer-centric concerns. That’s fair enough. However, the forum’s mandate confuses me: the charter states that the forum “…is not a group to discuss … Read more