A Naïve Request from Management

A tester recently asked “If you’re asked to write a ‘test plan’ for a new feature before development starts, what type of thing do you produce?” I answered that I would produce a reply: “I’d be happy to do that. What would you like to see in this test plan?” The manager’s reply was, apparently, “test cases covering all edge cases we’ll need to test”. That’s a pretty naïve request. … Read more

Regression Testing and Discipline

Another tester on an “Agile” team complains of being overwhelmed by the volume of regression testing he says he must do at the end of each sprint. Why are some development organizations fixated on regression testing? Not why do they do it (that can be quite reasonable), but why are they fixated on it? I have a theory. It goes without saying that every change to the product or system … Read more